An intense, modern hard rock act from Dallas, TX that has a mission: Play music that makes people feel something powerful, and bring fans on board by earning them one at a time with a message of standing for what you want out of life by getting it no matter what.

The live show speaks for itself, there is no stopping the band, and this is a story that is just beginning. Adakain is a band that wants to move you, make you think, and remind you that music is the answer to your problems.  Stay tuned for Adakain because you want to get in while this band is on the way up.

Ryan Ray - Vocals/Guitar

Ryan Carroll - Drums

Corey Goodwin - Guitar


Adakain accpets your challenge...

Adakain was called out by several local bands to do the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"  we took it to a whole new level...

  • all goes to hell teaser0:41